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FACT 1: Despite almost four in ten (39%) teachers claiming that reducing costs and creating educational collateral are important technology considerations in their role, more than a third (35%) were unaware whether the cost of printing is accurately allocated in their schools.

FACT 2: As more than half (56%) of teachers believe that their school printed more than 3,000 sheets of paper in an average term, these figures suggest that schools, colleges and universities could be missing out on huge potential cost savings.

FACT 3: Almost two thirds of teachers in the UK have either never heard of the term BYOD or are not using it in their school. This, despite a third of survey respondents (33%) believing that ‘improved BYOD and mobile working’ would improve their school’s technology in the next year. 

FACT 4: Security is a huge issue for schools across the UK, yet just over a quarter (27%) of schools currently use biometrics in their schools, with that number increasing to 40% in London.

FACT 5: Apps are more prevalent in higher education, with 51% of teachers in colleges and universities saying that they use apps. Teachers across the UK are split down the middle on this issue, with 42% agreeing they do currently use apps in their schools and 42% saying they do not currently use apps in their schools. Of those using apps, the North East (54%) proves to be the leading region closely followed by London (52%).

Technology Led Efficiencies

KYOCERA's Research in to technology in schools

As the UK Government continues to promote cost savings in an age of austerity, a survey of more than 500 teachers across the UK revealed a disconnect between Government-led changes and actionable measures to reduce expenditure within schools. 

Schools, colleges and universities are under constant pressure to scrutinise and reconsider their costs in line with current Government policy. One of the areas in which efficiencies can be particularly useful is around processes such as technology and printing, and it is surprising to see the opportunities that are being missed.

Technology has had a notable impact on British schools, but there is still a lack of awareness about the cost cutting benefits it brings. By investing in smarter, more efficient technologies, there are many ways in which processes can be altered to be more efficient and cost effective, particularly in regards to ancillary elements of the teaching environment, such as printing, secure printing and print management.

To download a copy of the research called ‘What Teachers Think’ click here.

KYOCERA in Education

KYOCERA in Education

KYOCERA works in the education sector to help reduce waste, increase efficiency, improve productivity and lower carbon footprints. A SIMS Accredited Technical Partner, KYOCERA has developed its SIMs.net Connector in conjunction with Nsi Autostore to ensure the simple, fast and secure storage of documents and information in schools.

School staff needn’t be overwhelmed with hard copy student records as they can now scan them directly from the multifunctional device into the easy-to-use SIMS.net database for centralised storage, simple retrieval and enhanced document workflow. 

Authentication ensures that only authorised staff can scan to confidential areas such as HR, Finance and personal student information while the system will provide a clear audit trail confirming who captured a document, when they captured it and where it was sent.

KYOCERA’s BioStore biometric printing solution offers a unique, simple and secure method of identification which uses a sophisticated algorithmic system, where the fingerprint image is converted to a complex number string which removes the need to store any images, relieving any issues or concerns about data protection.

Teaching Assistant, is a HyPAS app which creates, marks and analyses tests, providing detailed or summary information on individual and class performance. Designed to work with Excel and SIMS for easy integration, Teaching Assistant will save valuable time so teachers have more time to spend on teaching and lesson plan development.

KYOCERA's Teaching Assistant HyPAS App

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